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The key to Controlling Nerve Fascic's

Black Energy Black Matter Explained 

Magnetic North pole Shifts & Flips

Multiple Universes 

Regeneration of Damaged Surface Body Tissues

String Theory Alternative

ALS Cure Treatment and Prevention


Astrological Events and Medical Ideas that Sherman Smith interprets Differently:


The topics here are varied and some are excerpts from my first book. Most except the ALS topic and regeneration have to do with the overall gigantic nature of how I perceive the universe. I see it as an extremely larger revolving pattern of events that repeat themselves without involving the singularity, string theory, or the unknowns such as black matter and black energy. I am a strong believer that the simplest idea that allows everything to fit and answers all has the best chance of being correct. I played with the plate tectonics topic when an undergraduate student with a professor of oceanography. While I did not have the funding and ability to prove my theories at that time I later took pride in having been correct. There is only part of my original work on plate tectonics that still is not generally accepted and that is the part that the original land mass was gathered on one side of the planet and since the earth is a spinning object with a fluid core it will always try to do is balance itself by redistributing the mass. In other words this will tend to move the the higher heavier land masses into balance since the molten fluid core by definition will move and stay in balance. My model at that time was made to show that the land masses appearing on one side of the earth would leave the sphere out of balance and that in time the fluids would redistribute the mass to stabilize the earth. I even showed that the movement of the land mass plates moving into each other that creates the mountains on the earth to keep the continents more fluid, the idea worked. The earth in time is coming more into balance through gravity and centrifugal force causing a more even distribution of the land masses.
Here again I am working with the same logic and my ideas fall into line and explain all the concepts I touch without needing the mystical unknowns. I do not intend to downgrade the Quantum mechanics of chemistry but I try to limit the use for explanation without expanding into other fields in ways that I believe can be better explained with simpler logic. The space for everything and big bangs etc is limitless or Shermtillion meaning without limits. There is not one Big Bang or a million or a billion or a sextillion but a Shermtillion meaning a number without limits.

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